Cruising through the streets of Toronto on your bike is an exhilarating experience each time. Boasting about your gorgeous motorcycle amongst your friends and proudly wearing your gear is every bikers muse. Your two-wheeler serves you with tons of fun and long lasting memories, all it needs in return is regular maintenance. Administering that is the least we can do for your captivating ride and pockets. Listed below are a few measures you can take to ensure that your motorcycle stays in a top condition.


The oil of your bike must be changed every 5,800 km. Although there is reportedly little difference between motorcycle oil and auto oil, it would be best to adhere to the product guidelines provided by the manufacturing company of your bike.

Battery and Cables

Make it a note to check the electrolyte levels, along with the functioning and structure of the battery everytime you change the oil. Battery inspections should address any cracks and interference in the proper operations of the component.

Frayed cables can pose a considerable risk to your wellbeing and the safety of your bike. Regularly examine your cables and make sure none of them are beginning to wear out.

Chains and Tires

Checking the tension of your chains every 960 kilometers is essential. A chain that is extensively tight will result in wearing of the sprocket, and one that is loose can cause a failure. Many riders use a moderate amount of gear oil or spray wax to lubricate their bike chain before taking it out for the day.

Inspecting tires each time you ride your bike is also a must. Check to see for any signs of wear, cuts, and abnormal tire pressure. Examine all spokes to make sure they are in place and rims for any cracks and dents. Investing in a reasonably-priced air compressor can be very useful.

Nuts and Bolts

The motion and vibration of the motorcycle often cause its screws, bolts, and cotter pins to loosen up, which is highly dangerous. Therefore, frequently inspect your bike with wrenches and tighten anything loose.

Cleaning It

Simply washing and cleaning your bike can help you kill two birds with one stone. You wipe off all dirt and spots from the bike whilst taking a detailed look at the vehicle and assuring that all parts remain intact and fully functioning.

Power Sports T.O

Inspecting and fixing your motorcycle is a time-consuming task that takes a significant level of expertise. Why not leave it to us to ensure the safety and maximum functionality of your bike?

Power Sports T.O is a fully licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. Our licensed mechanics can perform Ontario safety certificate inspections on site along with many other maintenance services.

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