So you’re in the market for a new bike – maybe you’ve never bought before, or you’re generally new to buying used – this is the guide for you.

Why buy used instead of a brand new motorbike? You’ll find that prices are going to be much lower, even on a year old machine due to vehicle depreciation, something that even your car suffers from. The second you drive away from the lot, you lose 9% of the value, and after two years the value drops to 69% of the purchase value.

If you want to buy, buy used!

Your general next step is to learn what the laws are for buying and selling used vehicles. In Ontario specifically, there is a multitude of responsibilities expected from both the buyer, as well as the seller.

Taken from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website, below you can see some of your responsibilities when purchasing a vehicle.

  • Request to see the Used Vehicle Information Package
  • Before you buy the used bike, it is important that you read the information included in the package carefully. Further information may be obtained from the Ministry of Transportation
  • Ensure the bike has an emissions testing history if it’s seven years and older by going to a Drive Clean site. To run the free test, all you need to do is have the vehicle’s identification number (VIN). Please note that if you purchase a vehicle with a conditional pass test result received on or after April 1, 2017, you will need to make all required emissions repairs by your next registration renewal date because your vehicle will not qualify for a consecutive conditional pass
  • When you purchase the motorcycle, make sure the seller gives you the vehicle information package
  • Get the vehicle permit with the completed Application for Transfer from the seller
  • Get the “Bill of Sale” from the seller. Make sure the seller fills out their name and signature, date, and purchase price
  • Bring the plate portion of the vehicle registration permit (if you are attaching your plate to the vehicle)

Once you’ve set yourself a budget you’re comfortable with and are ready to start looking, we advise against searching for a used bike by yourself. Private sales are generally more stressful, as you have to meet the seller, potentially haggle for prices, and trust that the vehicle you’ll be riding is safe.

Using a company like Power Sports T.O. is a more professional and safe way to search for your bike of choice, as we are in constant contact with well-trusted sellers and dealers. Along with being given a broad range of choices and information on specific vehicles, you’ll be able to easily request a CarFax or CycleChex, the most recognized signal that a vehicle you’re about to drive has not been in a roll-over or has had extensive damage done.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your dream bike right away; these things take time!

Once you’ve made your purchase, check out our guides on Setting up your Motorcycle, and Motorcycle Maintenance!


All credit goes to Power Sports T.O.