With any kind of motorized vehicle you need to perform routine maintenance to keep it functioning at its best. Motorcycles are no exception to this rule. While they may not rack up the mileage that a family car does, especially if you live somewhere where your bike needs to be stored and is not out on the roads during the winter months, they still require routine maintenance to keep them at their best. The reality is, skipping out on routine maintenance may save money in the short term, but can cost you big over time.

Initial Inspection

When you purchase your bike, you are going to be coming in for the first service either one month after your purchase or after 1,000 miles (1,600 km), whichever comes first. This is to make sure that everything is going smoothly with the bike. When you buy the bike, you can try to negotiate this first inspection service into the price of the bike. At this appointment, you will have your engine oil and oil filter changed out. The mechanic will also check the:

● Lights, signals, and switches
● Idle speed
● Brakes
● Valve clearance
● Fasteners
● Clutch
● Chain and belt tension
● Lube chain
● Control cables

You want to know that your bike has been functioning correctly and at this service, you will have that reassurance. It is also an excellent opportunity to ask any questions of the mechanic and bring forth any concerns that you may have about your bike.

First Year

The next significant maintenance milestone is at a year or 6,000 miles (approximately 10,000 km). You will be replacing the oil at this point and possibly the filter. The filter can be replaced every other oil change, but many people replace it every oil change for optimal performance. You will also be replacing transmission oil and the oil in the drive shaft if applicable at this point. There are a few other things that possibly need replacing, and should be inspected first before the decision to replace them is made. These include:

● Spark plugs
● Fuel lines
● Fuel filter
● Air filter
● Brake fluid
● Brake pads
● Tires

The following also need to be inspected and adjusted as needed:

● Battery
● Lights
● Engine
● Frame bolts
● Wheel bearing
● Brake master cylinders
● Brake rotors
● Brake callipers
● Drive belt
● Drive chain
● Rear shocks
● Fork seals
● Swing arm and linkage
● Steering head bearing
● Clutch
● Choke idle control
● Throttle
● Carburetor
● Valves
● Coolant

Second Year

Your next significant service appointment will happen at two years or 12,000 miles (approximately 20,000 km), again, whichever comes first. At this appointment, you will be servicing the air injection system and evaporative system. You will also be lubricating the steering head bearings. A few things will need replacing, these include the:

● Air filter
● Fuel filter
● Brake fluid
● Coolant

Your mechanic will also inspect your bike to make sure that nothing needs replacing and will consult you to do extra work if it is required. There are a lot of things that need to be inspected and cared for when servicing a bike. If anything is in need of adjustment or replacing it will be fixed before it has a chance to break and cause more significant damage.

At Power Sports T.O. we perform motorcycle service in Toronto, including safety inspections and regular maintenance to keep your bike road ready. We are a franchised dealer and are fully licenced and certified to perform maintenance on your bike. We also perform warranty and recall work. Our goal is to keep you safe on the roads. Contact us today, and we can answer any questions you have about your bike and perform any maintenance required.