The most favourite time of the year for motorbikers is currently in full bloom. The noise of motorcycles fills up the streets in the summer and reminds us of the great adventures these exciting rides have to offer. Alas, October will arrive, and you will have to store your bike until the next season.

Appropriately storing your motorcycle is just as important as riding it safely on the road. Putting away your two-wheeler in a suitable manner will safeguard its condition and increase its longevity.

Many motorcycle mechanics benefit from the bikers’ failure to store their vehicle in an excellent condition. Don’t worry, we have listed all the steps you must take to protect your most beloved ride.

Fuel it up

The recent addition of ethanol in fuel is posing a considerable risk to the condition of your motorcycle once it’s in storage. Compared to gasoline, ethanol is more hygroscopic that makes it prone to hold water and result in carbon deposit, component corrosion, varnish and gum. These issues can be hazardous to fueled and carbureted vehicles.

The problem can be combated by treating the fuel with additives that are designed to eliminate risks posed by ethanol fuels. Buy an excelled ethanol fuel treatment or enzyme fuel treatment from your local motorcycle shop, and add it to your system. Make sure to take your motorcycle for a short rise to allow full penetration of the treatment into the system.

Change the Engine Oil

Engine oil is a lubricant that also assists in the filtration system. The liquid grasps onto minuscule particles until they get trapped into the filter and eliminated from circulation. However, carbon, which forms in the combustion chamber and gets thrust into the piston rings each time a cylinder is kick-started, remains suspended in the motor oil. The worrisome remnant can cause grave impressions on metal surfaces, such as bearings and transmission gears since it’s highly corrosive.

To prevent issues caused by carbon, it is crucial to change the engine oil and filter before you put away your motorcycle for the off-season. This will help you in getting rid of dirty oil and carbon deposits present in it.

Check the Battery

The battery is an expensive and vital part of your motorcycle that needs sufficient maintenance at all times. If your vehicle operates on a lead-acid battery, ensure to check the battery fluid level. Sulfation is caused by low battery acid that can result in a short between internal plates. Maintenance-free batteries also require regularly changing and warm storage to maintain their health and longevity.

Tires and Surface

Tires are made from a porous material that is prone to losing air over time. The tires of your motorcycle will also develop a flat spot if it remains weighted in a single position for an extended period. You may prevent the condition of your tires from deteriorating by putting away your motorcycle on a paddock stand, or centre stand that will elevate the front and rear of your vehicle.

Lastly, ensure to clean the surface of your bike before storing it, to avoid your paint from corroding. Thoroughly wash your bike, dry it and then add a coat of wax that will safeguard it from rust and moisture.

Consult Power Sports T.O.

Storing your bike until next spring is a big chore that requires many maintenance tasks. So why not, leave it to the professionals at Power Sports T.O. that will store your bike in full heated, insured, and alarmed facility, located in Downtown Toronto from October 1st until March 31st.

We will completely winterize it for you. Moreover, when you return to take your bike in April, we will perform a full spring tune-up that can double up as your annual tune-up, saving you tons of time and money.

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