Those who love motorcycles enjoy every aspect and component related to it, including the sounds that come with turning it on and riding. Engines and other parts allow for different sounds to be heard and motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy all of it.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as turning on your motorcycle and hearing it come to life. The sound of the exhaust, the metallic of a dry clutch and the whine from straight cut gears are all pleasing to the ear because they are signs of life and experience as opposed to just noise.

Motorcycles have come a long way and there are ones that make far less noise these days; however, it’s interesting to note that most riders prefer the sounds because motorcycles should not be quiet. They should roar and pop and live up to the excitement that comes with driving one. Different motorcycle brands will have different components that may react differently but overall, the sounds are a nice welcome. Of course, sound plays another important role than just pleasing riders, including notifying them of any potential problems. While some sounds are pleasant, any unusual noises can be an indication of a problem that must be taken care of or, at the very least, looked at. This is the beauty of sounds because it can also serve as a sign so that riders attend to issues and prevent risks or further damage. Sounds are not just noise but can provide riders and mechanics with the information they need to continue using their motorcycle safely.

Different aspects can cause motorcycle sounds, including engine architecture and firing intervals and while some would classify these sounds as loud and unnecessary, others actually welcome it because it serves as a reminder of the older models that were popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, as well as the motorcycles seen on racetracks. It takes them back to the days where engines were not so quiet and you could hear a motorcycle coming from the distance. Modern sportbikes have different clutches that are hidden behind cast aluminum covers to lessen the noise and sound-deadening panels are also often included in newer motorcycles, which drown out the sounds completely.

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