Bagger motorcycles are the ultimate solution for travelling long distances in style. The cruiser-style bike comes equipped with a saddlebag that can store the essentials for your journey, including the helmet, boots, change of clothes, camera and other road essentials. More than just the saddlebag, baggers will often come equipped with far more comfortable seating, suspension, better controls, and even windshields. 

Bagger motorcycles have been a proverbial touring motorcycle for generations, but which are the best to buy today? Here Power Sports T.O. will review the four best bagger brands available on the market today.

1. Yamaha

Initially, Yamaha wasn’t as keen to produce touring and cruiser motorcycles as other bike brands have been. However, with the market continuously evolving and coasting and travel becoming an enjoyable part of life, baggers have been picked up on by many automobile brands. When Yamaha became involved in the cruiser industry a few years ago, they have since introduced their first bagger bikes, the star, and tracer. This bagger is sharp and stylish with a powerful transmission that Yamaha is famous for. It also features the key bagger essentials, including fully adjustable suspension, heated grips and plenty of storage room. The tracer bike can even satisfy the most advanced sport rider with its low-end torque.

2. Honda

Honda has a series of high-quality cruiser motorcycles that our Power Sports T.O. motorcycle store in Toronto has to offer. The Honda Gold Wing motorcycle is one of the most popular touring bikes on the market raising the standard for comfortability, easy operation, and control. This touring bike comes equipped with wind protection, easy handling and shifting to make for a relaxed long journey ahead. For a similar, more relaxed ride but a sportier look, we carry the Honda 2019 Rebel which is canvas ready and perfect for touring urban settings. With a comfortable, low-slung seat and allowing you control over the colour, the Honda Rebel makes for a fun, easy ride.

3. Suzuki

Suzuki introduced a new line of comfortable, powerful and stylish motorcycles to the market. The Suzuki Boulevard represents all three factors that a long-distance bike should have, also including comfortable seating, footrests and a powerful engine. With a sleek design and powerful horsepower, Suzuki created a first-rate cruiser. Enjoy cruising down the highway for long periods or roaming around the city with this high-quality bike. Go further than riding to the bar or bike show with a bagger or cruiser bike that allows you to get the most out of travelling. 

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