There’s more to riding a motorcycle than looking cool. Did you know that bike fuel is half as expensive as car fuel? How about trading in your car for a bike to ride to work, and save some hard-earned cash? Bikes will also help you beat the traffic faster.

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, a bike races ahead of cars as well. Your dollar always goes further with a bike than a car, no matter how considerate the local dealership is about special deals. Bikes are faster, more dexterous and cheaper to maintain overall as compared to cars. 

Bike vs Car Expenses

Having said that, not all bikes are cheaper to buy than a car, especially if you choose a sports bike. Nor are they as safe, especially for newbies, or as family-friendly. But a training class helps, and is required for new riders. A bike comes with other costs that you don’t incur as a car owner, such as the attire. You will need to invest in protective gear and appropriate outfits, including two helmets (one for yourself and another for your passenger) that can cost anything from $300 and above. 

Bike outfits include a protective but comfortable leather jacket, boots, gloves, shoes, socks and rain gear for those wet days. Sturdy motorcycle gear protects you from weather elements such as the sun, rain, wind, debris and anything flying through the air. 

You will need to replace the helmets and gear every five years or so if they get worn out from frequent use. 

Bike maintenance is required more frequently than cars. Experienced bikers often inspect the bikes themselves for small damages but it needs professional servicing after every 2,500 – 3,000 kilometres for a 100 cc bike. Harley and BMW require servicing after 5,000 – 7,000 kilometres. Tire replacements are also required after every 4,000 to 11,000 miles. Bike tires cost from $300 up for sports bikes and about $100 for cruiser tires. 

Here’s the good news for motorcycle junkies! Bike insurance is a lot cheaper than cars. Many bike insurance coverages include accessories and roadside assistance. Several companies offer discounts to bring insurance costs down through incentives such as a motorcycle safety course or special offers for safety features such as anti-theft and anti-lock braking. 

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We offer a winter storage program to let your bike hibernate in bad weather as well so it is in good shape when the skies clear and the roads are ready for riding again. Before we return your bike in the spring, you get a full spring tune-up that also serves as your annual servicing so you save time and money. Check out our website to find out our contact details.