Whether you are getting a bike helmet for the first time, or have been riding bikes for years and know just what you are looking for, there are a few things that you should consider when making a purchase. A motorcycle helmet can last a long time as long as you do not sweat into it too much, show it the proper respect, and do not drop it! Take the time to educate yourself on what options you have with helmets, you will have your helmet for a long time, and your helmet has a critical job. Here are our recommendations for motorcycle tires and helmets and how to pick them.

There are five types of motorcycle helmets that you can pick between, and each offers different pros and cons, both in performance and style. You want to first ask yourself a few questions when picking out a helmet:

● What features are you looking for?
● What is the safety rating?
● What helmet size do you need and what is your head shape?
● What will you be using the helmet for?
● What kind of bike do you ride?
● What is your price range?

Depending on what kind of bike you have you will probably be using your helmet for different activities. If your bike is used for daily transportation, for instance, then you will want to have a helmet that is very comfortable with better dynamics and protection against wind noise.

If you use your bike for multiple purposes though, such as commuting as well as weekend trips, then you will want versatility.

If you ride with other riders on a regular basis though, then getting a helmet that has communication provisions in it is a must, though you can install Bluetooth into most helmets.

For track riders or racers, though, you need a high-performance helmet for these activities. This includes tear-off posts and aggressive venting.

Another factor that you need to take into consideration is the helmet safety standard. In Canada, a helmet must reach either a DOT, ECE, or Snell rating. Research each set of regulations and decide what set of stringent rules you want your helmet to abide by. It may help you narrow down your selection.

When picking your helmet, there are five styles that you can choose between:

● Full face helmets
● Half shell helmets
● Dual sport helmets
● Open face helmets
● Modular helmets

Each offers something different to a rider and depending on what you plan on doing with your bike you can usually narrow down your selection to one type of helmet. All of these helmets come in a variety of styles and colours, though, so there is a lot of variety to decide between.

One of the most essential parts of a helmet though is knowing when you need to replace it. A helmet should be replaced every five years even if it has not gone through any crashes or drops. If you do have an accident though, you need to replace your helmet right away, same if you drop it, just to be safe.

At Power Sports T.O. we want everyone riding a motorcycle to be safe. One of the most critical parts of that is to have a properly fitting helmet, worn correctly every time you ride. Whether you are looking for a used motorcycle in Toronto, scooters for sale in Toronto, or motorcycle service in Toronto, we are your go-to source. Contact us today!