Do you ride your motorcycle daily but never feel that you’re reaching the limit you desire? Endurance motorcycle riding is vastly different than riding a motorcycle for conventional use or driving a car. Riding a motorcycle for a long-distance exposes you to various elements from high-speed winds, to bone-chilling weather or intense heat. It can be challenging, but it is certainly a rewarding, pleasurable experience.

If you want to get the most out of your investment and enjoy long travels on the road with your bike, we can tell you how. Check out Powersports T.O.’s five tips to prepare for your long-distance motorcycle ride.

Choose The Right Bike

There are scores of motorcycle styles to choose from, but not all are suitable for long-distance bike rides. There are various features that make a significant difference in the rider’s journey, such as the cargo potions, windscreen coverage and more. Here are some of the most popular motorcycles for endurance riding:

  • Touring Motorcycles: This type of bike is specifically designed to endure long-distance journeys and to allow the rider to sit back and enjoy the ride. The cargo will often come with a saddlebag, a trunk area and additional pockets to carry the rider’s items. The windscreen may be larger to combat the wind. At Powersports T.O., we carry the Honda Gold Wing motorcycle, which is one of the most popular touring bikes known for its comfortability, easy control and effective wind protection.
  • Adventure/Dual-Sport Bike: For a long-distance ride with various element changes, including dirt or asphalt, an adventure or dual-sport motorcycle is a viable choice. At our motorcycle store in Toronto, we have the Honda 2019 NC750X Standard adventure bike which is powerful, easy-to-use and perfect for exploring and commuting. For a dual-sport with power, we carry the Yamaha 2019 XT250 bike.

Get Proper Gear

A long-distance ride won’t be comfortable without proper, effective motorcycle gear. The following is the gear you should invest in for endurance riding:

  • Heated grips: If you’re planning a long ride in the morning or evening, it could become fairly cold. Heated grips can keep your hands warm and comfortable as temperatures dip.
  • Padded grips: Padded grips relieve hands and wrists from discomfort by providing an additional cushion for when they tense up.
  • Backrest: Adding additional back support is always a good idea for any long-distance journey. You can lean back comfortably on the backrest while you traverse.
  • Cruise/Throttle Control: Certain grips can offer a helpful throttle lock that stops you from having to continuously squeeze the throttle while riding.

For an inventory full of high-quality scooters for sale in Toronto, Powersports T.O. is your source. We are the motorcycle dealer in Toronto with the most experienced, passionate staff committed to helping our clients find the perfect bike for them. If your bike needs motorcycle service, book an appointment with us or stop by our store today!